Going To The Well: CD
  • Going To The Well: CD

Going To The Well: CD

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Recorded in St. Thomas, ON by producer Deni Gauthier, GOING TO THE WELL is a courageously stripped to the bone recording, the bulk of which features McRae on acoustic guitar, banjo and vocals. Rounding out the recording are Gurf Morlix on guitar/vocals, Bill Kirchen on guitar/vocals, Shara Gustafson on bg's and Deni Gauthier on guitar).

Ashes to Ashes: 3:46 Mid-temp. Who'd a thought? David Bowie on Banjo! 
 Long Shadow Trail: 4:09 Mid-tempo. Linda's tale of a lonely little girl.
 Dimming of the Day: 4:49 Slow-tempo, shimmering version of Richard Thompson song. 
 Double Star: 4:30 Slow-tempo, Linda's story of a couple and the daily challenges they face.
 Empty: 4:15 McRae/Kessler Progress, does it always have to be about the money? 
6. Man in the Bottom of the Well: 3:08 Mid-tempo. Bill Kirchen song, scary! 
 Caney Fork River: 3:49 - Mid-tempo This fun love song is from Willie P Bennett.
 Till the Rivers All Run Dry: 2:43 - Slow-tempo cover of an old Don Williams' gem. 
 9. Heroes: 4:31 - Mid-tempo David Bowie cover. 
 Singing River: 3:51 McRae Mid-tempo story about Te-lah-nay's 5-yr walk. 
 Bonus Track: The Lucky Ones: 2:39 Mid-tempo Willie P. Bennett song.

 Linda’s superb songwriting has been recognized widely. In 2019 she was awarded a residency with Florida’s Escape 2 Create. E2C is dedicated to advancing the work of writers, scholars, composers, filmmakers, visual artists and inter-disciplinary artists. Artists in residence are chosen by a panel of distinguished E2C Fellows based on the strength of their creative work, community service and educational outreach. During this, her second residency with E2C she created a stop-motion animated video for the song "Long Shadow Trail" included in this new release.

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