Songwriting With Intent: We are all connected but we are also uniquely individual and have our stories to tell. Let's explore ways to find your unique voice, mine those stories and tell them in a way that will have your listener think "wow, that song is about me!" 

We will learn: 

  • How to unblock creative flow. Writer’s block? Bah Humbug. 
  • Form: Do we need it? What is it for? What is a verse? Chorus? Bridge? Refrain? 
  • Finish What You've Started. Should I keep trying or leave it behind? 
  • Arrangement: “hooks”, intros and outros, verse chorus order, solos 
  • Prosody: the relationship between music and lyric 
  • Co-writing, learn ways to create a successful co-writing session.


Performance: From Light Bulb Moment to Stage Lights!: I have been performing on stage for 30 years and it always amazes me how each performance can be so drastically different. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or have never been on stage before, let’s take some time to help you feel comfortable and connect with your audience.

We’ll learn:

  • Vocal techniques. We'll explore ways to stretch and strengthen your singing voice, get "inside" the song and help take your listener on a journey.
  • Practise Time: How to organize your time.
  • Stage Presence: What is your style? What type of emotion are you trying to put across?
  • Organizing your set, key, tempo, content.
  • Mistakes and how to deal with them.
  • Performance Tips: mic technique, overcoming stage fright, audience communication.

Campfire Song Circle and Singalong: I live in Nashville, land of the songwriter where my husband James and I have hosted many song circles.

My idea of heaven on earth are song circles where everyone can join in on their own instrument whether it’s a guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, clapping hands or stomping feet accompanied by the sound of voices rising together to raise the rafters a little. I also love when the next person’s offering breaks that spell with an eruption of laughter from a witty lyric or a thoughtful silence with the sheer beauty of the song.

This is an inclusive round-robin style campfire song circle and singalong where each person within the circle will have the opportunity to choose a song. Whether you’re a singer and have a song that everyone can join in on or you’re a songwriter and would like to share your song with the group that’s totally up to you.

If you like to sing, play or just love to listen everyone is welcome in our “campfire” Singalong Song Circle.

Goodnight Irene.
Linda McRae