From the recording Fifty Shades of Red

From Linda's new CD Rough Edges & Ragged Hearts on 42RPM.


Lyrics Are Below:

L. McRae: Fingerstyle Guitar, Vocals
Dog Cox: Dobro/Vocals
Marc L’Esperance: Percussion
Tommy Babin: Upright Bass
The Sojourners: Suitcase full of Soul Vocal Riffing
The McRaezie Choir

Produced by Linda and Marc L'Esperance the recording was first released in Canada on May 14/2012 and hit #1 at CKUA Radio in the first month! It was #4 in the Folk DJʼs Top Canadian Albums, #1 & 2 Top Canadian Songs for Rough Edges & Ragged Hearts and Be Your Own Light, #8 Top Canadian Artists and #16 on the Freeform Americana Roots Chart.

Doug Cox Wrote these liner notes for the recording:

Linda McRae; just like her music, is about as real as it gets. That's a quality you rarely see in this modern music world. Linda once told me she grew up in a family that was steeped in country music and celebrated it often at family jams and listening sessions. You can hear that history in her music. In fact, you can tell Linda was real country before new country was cool. And she will remain true to her music once the trends move towards other styles. But she's no snob. She's simply a lover of truth through music, no matter the genre.

From her days as band member extraordinare to the iconic celtic-influenced Canadian roots band, Spirit of the West, to everything she has done since, Linda remains an artist full of integrity. She has never rested on her laurels as a 'used to be in a famous band' person as many artists do. In fact, her days with SOW are almost a side note to the incredible contributions she has made since. She hasn't stopped and as she ages, her music continues to grow in depth and skill. I can't wait for the next recording Linda!

Linda's generous community work, including her 'songwriting in the prisons' workshops, (heck, she even did one in Folsom prison!) rank her once again as an artist whose feet remain firmly on the ground and whose heart remains true to her music. Linda uses music to heal people. She gets it.

I think I first met Linda in 1997 at the inaugural Stan Rogers Folk Festival, in Canso, NS, where we swapped songs on a workshop stage. (she's one of those souls who you feel like you've known forever so I'm not 100% sure when we first met) Scheduled to perform along with us was a not-to-be-mentioned folk diva who really did not wish to take part with us lowly unknowns. It allowed Linda and I to share the stage for a longer period that turned into some of the most enjoyable, generous stage time I have ever shared with anyone. Since then, I have admired each step she has taken in her career as she continued to follow her muse regardless of whatever the musical fashion of the day was. She lives for the music and her friends and that rings true throughout her music as you can hear on the enclosed compilation.

It's hard to tell which of these songs are original compositions and which are not because Linda's songs come from the same place of love, truth and heartache that all the great songs came from. The transition from her songs to the classics on this record are seamless. The music backing the songs compliments each song itself, as can only be achieved by one who respects the very core of each songs intent. Straight-as-an arrow production is the rule of the day. And none of the enclosed tunes sound doomed to a specific decade as so many compilations do, because Linda has never bowed to trendy instrument sounds or styles. This music is timeless.

If you are new to the music of Linda McRae than stop reading, close your eyes and let the music wash over you; that's really all that matters. I am sure you will have your own accolades once you have given in. If you are an old friend you can relive where you were in your own lives when you first heard each nugget presented here, or, like me, you can marvel in the body of work she has achieved.
You will walk away from this CD with some mysterious ear worms that will have you unconsciously humming the songs of Linda McRae. Her music will resonate your bones.

So why isn't she famous already? I think it's because she doesn't really care about that. She takes her success gracefully but doesn't let it sway her path. That's what makes an Artist.

Thank you Linda, for your glorious music and for the inspiration and reminder you give to us all that it's the music and how you treat people that will count in the end. Be Your Own Light!

Be Your Own Light © L. McRae

This world is dark, no walk in the park
Just like Noah and his ark you’ve got to be your own light
You’ve got to have faith when you can’t tell night from day
When you can’t find a way to keep the thieves at bay
You’ve got to be your own light

Chorus There's no doubt about it
There's no doubt about it
There's no doubt about it
You’ve got to be your own light

If your vote’s not counted you can’t drink from that fountain no
You’ve got to climb that mountain to see your light
Go out and make some noise when you’ve got no choice
Put down your toys the world needs your voice
It sure could use your light


Live your life the way you wanna among the flora & the fawna
Tell lies if you’re gonna and watch what happens to your light
Then when you meet your maker as a giver or a taker
You won’t be thrown in the baker
If you be your own light

Chorus x 2

You won’t be thrown in the baker when you meet your maker
If you be
Your own