Two Blue Roses House Concert Series featuring Linda McRae

For 2020 and 2021, a Virtual House Concert Series in Eugene Oregon for local and touring quality acoustic Independent musicians. Hosted by Jeanette Lundgren of Mother Hen Promotions For the 2020 and 2021 house concert season, we are honoring all previously booked shows, but we are doing them online via the Two Blue Roses page. Our time zone is Pacific Time but you can watch from anywhere. Donations go direct to the artist. Two Blue Roses is a house concert series physically located in Eugene, Oregon but currently featuring all booked shows online. The series features one or two quality acoustic artists per show; generally - if it’s a two act show - it will be one from the local area and one touring musician. The method behind my madness is thus: until the series is known well enough to my audience to trust my taste in music, there will be both a local artist and a touring artist on each show. If a touring artist is known in the area and can bring an audience to fill the house, we will consider doing a show just for them.